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Abdomen fetish

Alvinolagnia or belly fetish or fetish fetish is a partialism in which an individual is sexually attracted to the stomach [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] or belly.

Anthropologists and behaviorists have discovered substantial evidence that the waist-hip ratio WHR is a significant measure for female attractiveness[9] [10] Some find a slender muscular stomach with a defined V-zone to be a turn-on. Some people wear accessories like belly chainsnavel piercings, tattoos etc. Managing editor of digital of Canadian magazine Flare Rebecca Perrin stated in an article, " a woman's waist and hips are two of the most physically attractive body parts there are — emphasizing them shouldn't immediately be considered a faux pas and should instead be encouraged.

Navel fetishism

Navel piercing [19] and navel tattoos [20] has become more common among young women; the trend of piercing free groping porn videos tattooing the navel became popular in the s. Some get stomach tattoos to attract attention of abdomen onlookers, [26] but these tattoos are more commonly preferred by women than men. From tribal abdomen flowers, the choices are innumerable as far as stomach tattoos are concerned; [26] [27] some fetish even get these tattoos drawn on their lower backs [28] and flaunt them in low-rise jeans, shorts or skirts.

Sometimes, looser clothing such as scarves or skirts around the female waist and curves can be an incredible turn-on.

Embarrassing Stomach Fetish : Fetishes - Psych forums

Alvinolagnia often co-exists with navel fetishism. Belly fetish model Helena Strong stated, " People admire my belly. The only thing I expose is my belly.

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