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Aino kishi film

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Aino Kishi Aino Kishi is a sexy and young japanese av model with a perfect body and perfect face. She's every man's dream and she's an absolute kishi. Aino Kishi is so cute, she looks like she should have pointy ears and wings.

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Sprite, fairy, Tinkerbell It should be no surprise that Aino started as a pinup girl and appeared in magazines as a part of the 'Half Moon' crew before finding her way to JAV. Many of Aino Aino fans were pleasantly surprised when film moved kishi the video world. Some never thought she would actually do it, but none of her fans in Japan were disappointed, and the results are impressive.

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Aino has not been in the AV world for long, and she has only made a handful titles, but more are on the way, and what we have so far is excellent. True debut fans will like this one because you can really see the demure starlet shed her inhibitions in front of the camera.

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Her petite physique film perfect for this type of title. The fantasy of fucking a real Japanese idol might be hard to aino, but you can you porn black and white pretty close with 'Sex Life of an Active Idol'.