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Alvivi sex party

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Alvivi, aka Vivian Lee and Alvin Tan. All photos courtesy of Vivian Lee. As a couple, you've got to have a bit of notoriety to earn yourself party portmanteau. While they might not be a Kimye or Brangelina quite yet, the Malaysian alvivi bloggers known as Alvivi —Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee—certainly caused enough of a hot and sweaty scandal in their hot and sweaty homeland for Tan to consider it prudent to jump bail and flee the country.

Alvivi Sex Party (July 2013) (2013)

In her erstwhile lover's absence, Lee awaits trial under Malaysia's notorious Sedition Acta sort of catch-all device to induce compliant, self-censoring passivity. It would be tedious here to recount all of Alvivi's many ins and outs, but the whole affair is as much indicative of Malaysia's starchy discomfort around freedom of expression sexual or otherwise sex it is about an exhibitionist young couple who opted to have sex in a metaphorical glass box in order to stimulate debate as well as each other.

Either way, it is very much a party of the social media age the pair met on Facebooka sort of bottom-up gaymanflicks to fame. Alvivi started in as a low-key Tumblr called Sumptuous Erotica, where they posted their homespun porn to a handful of friends and a few international followers.

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Lee has said she merely wanted an outlet to be her true self, alvivi their near-anonymity vanished when Tan—either to connect to likeminded swingers or simply to promote the "brand"—started to post links on Singaporean tech forumsafter which a local newspaper, the Starbroke the story in October that year. As the Tumblr was shut down, Lee's family spurned her, and Tan who has also lost touch with his own family was stripped of his Sex scholarship to read law at the prestigious National University of Singapore.

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