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Amai liu interview

Amai Liu: I was experienced with modeling, but adult was something totally new to me, since I was just 18 when I entered the adult industry the idea had never even crossed my mind. I started doing porn on a bet and I guess Savita 18 episode forgot along the way that I made my point. When you got into adult films, did you worry that do to your size and look, that you interview be stuck in a certain theme of films?

amai liu interview

Now as looks go, you have stayed away from the heavy piercings and tattoos. Why is that?

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I have one tribute tattoo that has been a work in progress for a few years and it will be my only tattoo. Now a days it seems like the big thing happening in adult films is branding yourself. What liu have you taken to make sure that you remain a popular brand outside of the films?

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Honestly while this answer might be ameri ichinode to those who may read it I could care less. Porn is a very small part of my life. Branding myself amai the last thing on my mind.

A lot of stars have ended up moving behind the camera, is that something that you may see for yourself eventually?

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I already shoot and sell fetish and pornographic content to companies. With social media being a big thing now in adult films, how do you feel that has helped and hurt the industry?

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