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Annie owens catfight

Annie Owens - my first catfight crush

Annie - Annie - Annie. For those of us who cut our teeth on fem-fighting images in the seventies, she left an indelible mark on annie psychies. One of the biggest porn stars of her day, she earned her nickname. I think we all know the nickname and how she got it. Anyway, she did an amazing amount of female fighting and fetish work as well.

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New, or actually, forgotten pics and photosets of Annie seem to pop up regularly on newsgroups or female fighting sites. Below is what I can find owens my somewhat unorganized file system and present for your browsing pleasure. Please note, I'm not saying this is a complete catalog of her work, nor am I saying these are all the pics from these various shoots. These are simply all I can round up at this time. Annie vs the ubiquitous Karla Jensen catfight from Catfights Galore magazine.

Annie vs Rosemary Lorenz - these pics redtube japanese love story mostly from the Wrestling Revue magazine.

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