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World Cinema - Argentina - Lesbian & Gay

Though much has recently changed, Argentina remains a very traditional, Catholic society that is fairly closed-minded about homosexuality. Buenos Aires, however, is a more liberal exception to this rule, where gays and lesbians are part of the fabric of city life. Gay and lesbian travelers will find numerous clubs, restaurants, and even tango salons catering to them. Buenos Aires has become a major gay-tourism argentina since the peso crisis, outshining Rio de Janeiro in lesbian for this market. Gay maps are now produced by the Buenos Aires Tourism Office for distribution with standard travel information.

Tips for Gay and Lesbian Travelers in Argentina

Most hotel concierges also easily provide this information, recognizing aks sexi dokhtar irani importance lesbian the emerging market. The locally produced website www. InBuenos Aires enacted a Civil Unions law for gay and lesbian couples -- the first major Latin American city to do so -- and this law may eventually be made national.

Still, throughout Argentina, while there are visible venues and efforts, for the most part many gays and lesbians remain fairly closeted. Violence is argentina aimed at the transgendered, even by police.

Be aware of a few rules of thumb in a country where close contact is perfectly normal.