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Babes in the kitchen

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Try searching for locations, campaign titles and names. Explore Category Medical. Created February 17, The Baker Babes Collective Kitchen was an idea formed by two mutual friends Kayla and Holly who share a passion for baking delicious and beautiful desserts.

Watch our video below! Kayla met Holly through Instagram back in when Kayla was contemplating taking her baking husband film wife sex to the next level.

Baker Babes Collective Kitchen

After meeting for happy hour and sharing some wine, Kayla and Holly quickly hit it off and became kitchen friends. Fast forward 2 years later and together they have helped each other with their own baking businesses through collaboration, not competition. The money will also be used to purchase commercial equipment such as ovens, refrigeration, dish washer, baking racks and etc. Phase 1 of the space will be the build out of the "back of house" babes will be our production area.

Phase 2 will be the "front of house" space which will be for meetings, classes, consultations and a little store front.

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The store front area will the a shared space known as the "Baker Babes Collective.