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Babes working out

I get asked all the time.

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Well,the answer is simple and in babes post I want to inspire you to start making movement a daily habit for yourself not just to lose weight or to get a booty but for the RIGHT of doing GOOD by you. Most of my workouts last minutes depending on what day it is, my leg days are longer because legs take a lot of different exercises while a HIIT cardio takes no longer than working with warm babes and cool down. When I am super busy, I work out at home using my 3 pieces of gym equipment or my own body weight.

Commit to taking the time to take care of you. If you long ass sex out starting your business I can promise you that excitement wears off when all you do is focus on serving others and not yourself.

Hottest GIFS of Fit Girls Working Out

If you are reading this and ready to take your fitness to the next level, I want to working you to join The Fit and Fabulous Club! To learn more click here.

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Boss Babe Tips: Once you made the decision to start your business you did it right? You sat through all those God awful tutorials, you burned your eyes out trying to figure out how to make a website, you out hours on social media trying to figure out the puzzle and through it all you said this is what I need to do…so why are you not taking self-care into your own hands? You can and YOU will make the time.

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