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Bare breeding

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Skip to Content Skip to navigation. Research output: Capsule Breeding adult females show a bare brood patch and a smaller cloacal protuberance than males. Methods In the summers of in the northern Netherlands, House Martins were captured. We measured wing length, keel length and body mass.


The adults were examined for the presence or absence of a bare brood patch, the colour of the belly plumage greyish or pure white and the diameter of the cloacal protuberance. A small blood sample breeding taken from the brachial vein and sex was assigned on the basis of a standard molecular assay on DNA from blood. Beauty and the beast porn tube With regard to wing length and body mass, House Martins are perfectly sexually monomorphic.

However, for keel length females are slightly, but bare, smaller than males. The young of the year are similarly sized but lighter than the adults.

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Adult females bare a greater tendency than males to show greyish rather than pure white belly plumage. In the breeding season, the most reliable diagnostic for females is the unfeathered breeding patch over belly and breast, and the small diameter of the cloacal protuberance.

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Adult females may begin to regrow the brood patch feathers in August, before southward migration.