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Beach erotica

A young woman escapes to an exotic island resort in an attempt to forget her sara jayhd ex, and finds herself enthralled by erotica mysterious stranger on the beach. Her imagination runs wild with visions of lustful escapades.

Erotic Short Story: The Beach

Will her fantasies become reality? I was in a delicious state of bliss. The sun, high in the mid-day sky, blasted my bikini-clad body full force. I was hot, sticky, and wonderfully suspended from reality.

Sex On The Beach

Squinting up at the sky, all I could see was an endless dome of erotica azure. Closing my eyes against the glare of the sun, I sighed with contentment.

My ears were filled with the sound of the gentle lapping of the ocean waves, a quiet beat of reggae beach drifting from somewhere nearby, and the occasional squeals of children playing at the shore. I trailed a beach in the sand at my side, the fine hot grains slipping through my fingers like silk.