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Beauty and beast sex

Beauty Fraser and Julie Atlas Muz — performers who fell in love after meeting at Coney Island — have a critically acclaimed show, a familiar title, a run under their belts at London's Young Vic theater and the Adelaide Festival in Australia, and a certain degree of notoriety from the burlesque and alternative performance and. Still, very few theaters in America have dared to present their new, very adult version of "Beauty and the Beast.

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It's all too much for mainstream audiences. However, Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art had the nerve. The booking was made by Peter Taub, its now-departed curator of funky live performance.

This 'Beauty and the Beast' is about sex and disabilities, for adults only

Fraser, an actor who has notably small arms, and Atlas Muz, a New York-based performance artist whom you might characterize in this context as the more traditional beauty of the story, are married in the show, which is directed by Phelim McDermott of Britain's Improbable Theatre Company.

The two also are sex in real life. Everybody just connects with jacking off movies we are doing at a very deep level. It's super-truth.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

It's about self-acceptance. And when you can be honest about love, then everything else opens up for you. Fraser and Atlas Muz say it would be inconceivable to publish some kind of script for other people to perform this piece, or even for either one of beast to work with a different performer.