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Bedroom sexy movie

Make the bedroom sexy, then use it as a set for a hot home movie | Offbeat Home & Life

I don't know bedroom you, but in our hectic life the bedroom is generally strewn with dirty clothes that didn't hit the hamper, cat movie bits, and dust bunnies. It's not super hot.

Doesn't that feel good? Now I'm thinking, since you went to all the effort to set this up and style your love palace, this is a good time to talk about filming yourself doing it.

10 Items To Make Your Bedroom WAY Sexier

I sat down with my husband to get the scoop on how to get good results from sexcapade video shoots. He's handy for that: And, you know, he's a big fan of sex. His advice will help make taking the dive worth it — and prevent you from making a shame flick you never speak of again.

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Lighting Good lighting sexy sound will even make a cell phone video seem decent. The most important takeaways: Now, get out there and get busy! I was the Managing Editor of Offbeat Home for poran hd year and a half. I have a rich Internet life and also a pretty good real life.