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This one started out bumpy or me because I loathe it when authors introduce their characters with their full names in the first three sentences. I mean, no one thinks of their friends with their first and last name, right? Sex all the missing punctuation, missing words, repeated words and I was kinda over it, but — after the first tumblir or so I give a book three chapters or around 20 pages to get me to like it I actually liked it.

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And I liked it because I liked the characters, Jordan, Cassie and Kyla were all charming in a way, and it also ticks off a few of my boxes, such as: There is lots of girl on girl action S & liked. Obviously longer and with better editing, but you know… Oh, yeah. This is a standalone.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

And a few other fun things as well. White heat streaked through Cassie.

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She rolled her head back and forth on the carpet and laughed softly.