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Body paint naked public

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April Anderson for Naked As Air. Paint, though, was so much more than an average flashy New York event.

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The artists, you see, were not body out regular cans and tubes of paintand the models were not donning fancy clothes -- rion jav the contrary, the streets were filled with people taking their clothes off.

Today, in the middle of the bustling city, was the annual BodyPainting Day NYCand for the first time ever, I was ready to join the fun.

Is Body Paint Considered Clothing

I stood in line for body-painting artist Yvett Darciebody asked me "Give me three words to describe yourself. The thought of being years-old and naked in the streets of New York City with my aging body made me hesitate, but I also wondered how this experience might change and empower me. Over the past year, I naked learned that change never happens in the comfort zone, so I looked at Yvett and answered "A Warrior Goddess" as I started to remove my clothes.

Paint the past year, I'd been having positive and enlightening first-time nude experiences by going to a nude beacha naked yoga class, and splashing out my New Hot local shemales at a Polar Public Plungebut this was a whole new level of courageous for me. At the other events, everyone was nude together, and our collective nervousness and confidence gave us all a sense of camaraderie and strength.

Is Body Paint Considered Clothing -

This time, I would be nude, but most of the onlookers would be dressed and taking photos. Right from the start, though, my fears evaporated as I made friends and started to see Yvett's amazing design start to take shape on my skin.

In the end, the entire painting process lasted a little over four hours, broken up into minute sessions with short breaks in public.

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