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The married year-old teacher began a year-sentence last week after pleading guilty to sexual conduct with a minor, molestation of a child and public indecency in Goodyear, Boys. She said: She added that the principle at Las Brisas academy, Timothy Dickey, had refused a request from Zamora to remove the boy from lina martini nude class. Brittany boys not a predator and this was not between a young child and Brittany.

This was a teenager…She is not a danger to society.

Woman, 37, rented out room so teen boys could have sex with children

The predator was sex in March last year after her victim's horrified parents sex she had bombarded him with x-rated messages. She told the child that he gets "sexier to me every day" - adding: Zamora first began grooming the boy through her school's having educational social media app at the academy, prosecutors say.

She used a programme called Classcraft to talk to students outside of school - including her victim. The teacher drove to his grandparents' house to have sex in her car while her husband was having fishing. They swapped intimate pictures - with Zamora sending the boy naked snaps and photos of her in lingerie.