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The only person who loves Andressa Soares's butt more than Brazilian sun-soaked masses and us is Andressa Soares. She's really into it. Asses for good reason: Her ass has catapulted the charming Rio-born girl from bit parts in music videos into the pop-star spotlight as the overendowed Watermelon Woman. Devoted fans now flock xxx ffm tube her concerts, paparazzi stalk her every big, and crazed men and woman paw at her whenever they are able.

In case you're wondering why all the fuss in a country with thousands upon thousands of similarly impressive posteriors: Watermelon Woman's ass brazilian a asses 46 inches around and she can't stop shaking it, even when she tries to.

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Watermelon Woman: My name is Big Soares, better known as Mulher Melancia: Watermelon Woman. I was a radio broadcaster, and one day the station posted a picture of me online. Once people saw it they started commenting: It is really big!

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And now you're a famous musical performer! Tell us about this intriguing type of butt dancing you do to accompany your songs.