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Ex-adult film star Bree Olson — one of Charlie Sheen's former live-in "Goddesses" — has been unable to find fulfilling work after dumping her lucrative pornography career, but she is receiving helpful tips from Anthony Weiner's sexting gal pal. Olson, 29, wiped a lone tear from her face during an interview recorded last year for "Real Women, Real Stories," a viral video revealing her struggle adjusting to a world outside the porn industry.

Instead of working toward a college diploma, she now works as a cam model — performing live sex acts on the Internet, CNN reports.

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Her heartbreaking message published last week garnered support from Sydney Leathers, an adult actress who received notoriety as the sexting partner of former mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. BreeOlson it's definitely not easy but it's possible!

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I'm graduating in May. Leathers, who is seeking a video production degree, reached out to Olson and spoke about an emotional confrontations during college. Olson wants to overcome her past in the adult entertainment business.

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While she does not condemn her former industry, she warned that some actresses are not prepared for sex worker stigmas and the way people will "treat you for the rest of your life. For that reason, Olson does tosh want to have children to www busty sweet com loved ones from ridicule.

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She also fears pursuing a college degree in healthcare or education. Bree krista maze a postwhere an anonymous writer claiming to be a nurse asked olson she would lose her license if employers discovered her proposed double life.