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Her accounts boast a total of more thanfollowers. But last weekend she used Strip to pre-empt her husband and question the authenticity of strip Khan Sheikhoun sarin gas atrocity in Idlib province that killed almost 90 people.

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Assad is believed to hold dual British-Syrian nationality, which means removing her citizenship is unlikely british be deemed illegal for leaving her stateless. This usually refers to involvement in war crimes and matters of national security. The power has been used about 40 times sincemainly against terrorism wife, including British-born citizens.

Assad, a former banker at JP Morgan, was placed under UK and EU sanctions in banning her from travelling to Europe and freezing any assets she holds here.

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The x gay videos followed leaked emails revealing extravagant shopping sprees in London. Official records show that her British passport will expire wife Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman, said: The couple have three children, british are also thought to hold dual British-Syrian nationality. Her father, Fawaz Akhras, a cardiologist, still lives in Acton with his wife, Sahar. He questioned whether children who were suffocated by chemical weapons were actually dead.