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Brittany o connell peter north

This redheaded beauty was raised in Phoenix, AZ, and after reaching the brittany age of 19, headed out to LA to find herself.

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After being graduating from an all-girl school, where she studied hard, trained in gymnastics, and dreamed of being an Olympic ice skater, Brittany enrolled in college and soon found herself burnt out, and yearning to experience life.

What better place to do so than LA? Taking a job as a stripper, she began to get an outlet to express herself, not only artisticly, north sexually as well. The club she worked at peter XXX movies while the dancers performed, red tube masage she watched intently when off stage.

Brittany O'Connell & Peter North

She decided that porn was where she wanted to be. Actually getting paid to screw and cum made perfect sense to her. So she went to see an agent, and started working in front of the cameras the next day. Before long she was doing lez, anal, gangbangs and anything else that interested her and commanded top dollar.

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She operates an online fan club, connell makes her own, self produced, pornos. Erica Boyer.

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