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Lifting, handling, or carrying objects at work can result in musculoskeletal injuries MSIsincluding sprains and strains and other injuries.

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The risk of cartoon increases when bending, twisting, heavy loads, and awkward postures are involved. Effective ergonomic controls can reduce the risk and prevent injuries. Injuries from lifting and handling of loads can occur in many occupations. Workers are exposed to risk when they lift, lower, or carry objects.

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Risk carry include:. When choosing the appropriate risk controls, the employer must consult with the joint health and safety committee or the worker health and safety representative.

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Be sure to test the risk control before fully implementing to make it work within your organization. To help identify potential risk controls, consider the following questions:. Making physical modifications to facilities, equipment and processes can reduce exposure. Some questions to consider:.

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Changing work practices and work policies, and training workers in proper lifting and handling techniques, can limit risk of MSIs. This calculator can be used to lift the sexyhot videos maximum force that can be used during pushing and pulling, and the weight that can be carried.

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This calculator takes into account some common risk factors and then helps you estimate whether a lift has a low, moderate, or high risk of injury.