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When Guillem March's Catwoman Was Just Too Naked For DC Comics

Guillem March has been posting catwomen artwork from Catwoman — from pages that he was asked to redraw. And featuring a Catwoman who appeared more catwomen naked than at nude other time in the comic, before or since. These pages were initially blocks on blondes com issues 3 and 4 of the New 52 relaunch.

A lot more was changed than the nakedness, the entire plot seems to have shifted, to Catwoman dealing with the death of nude friend and fence, Lola. So we got violence porn instead of, well, porn porn.

When Guillem March’s Catwoman Was Just Too Naked For DC Comics

In this version we see Selina Kyle comparing kisses between Bruce Wayne and Batman, and finding them rather identical. So deciding to go and do something about her newly discovered knowledge. Which, yes, means taking all her clothes off. And somehow, in the process, giving us a ten foot tall Catwoman. Guillem talks about the changes.