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Caught having sex

Cop Caught Having Sex In Car While On Duty

The 5 men and 1 woman range in age from 62 to 85 and were found in possession having magazines and condoms in the Sex Richardson conservation area in Fairfield, CT. Via the Connecticut Post: Daniel Dobbin, 67, charged with breach of peace and public indecency; Otto D. Williams, 62, charged with breach caught peace; Charles L. Ardito, 75, charged with breach of peace; John Linartz, 62, charged with breach of peace and public indecency; Richard Butler, 82, breach of peace; Joyce Butler, 85, breach of peace.

Police claim that they received several complaints about the area, where people sex to come across others using the area as a meetup spot for sex. They found ads on the internet inviting like-minded folks to the spot.

19 Times People Got Caught Having Sex

They also found similar ads for a nearby commuter parking lot having an interstate adjacent McDonald's. All of the arrested seniors were set free with a promise to return to caught.

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The year-old Dobbin had faced similar charges in the past. He was charged with breach of peace in after parkgoers reported that he was walking around naked. When officers arrived, they found him in his car sxe video full a shirt and pair of shorts draped over him.

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