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Caught in pantyhose

Police: Oklahoma teacher finds classroom intruder wearing only pantyhose and a trash bag | KTUL

I was living with my girlfriend at my folks house. Often, me and my girlfriend shared our love of our favorite pantyhose.

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We even made love in them not 10 feet from my parents bedroom. I was sure that they could hear the bed squeaking and banging against the wall. They didn't mention anything about it and we just made love anyway even though they could easily hear everything.

Caught in my Mom's pantyhose.

One evening, I couldn't sleep and went downstairs to watch TV wearing my pantyhose. Mom's curiosity got the best of her and she came downstairs and saw me in my pantyhose.

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She just smiled and went back upstairs. Nothing was said or mentioned. She knew and accepted that we were in to wearing pantyhose and I guess in some way they were young once and took it in stride.