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Cbt tied balls

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Find a slave xxx dance movies Whatever you do, always start small and work balls. Take time to find tolerance level. Hit them… start with light pats and build up from there 1 being light pats, 9 is using them as a speed bag. Same thing with the cock.

35 Ball Torture Ideas (CBT)

Start maybe with squeezing, then pulling or even pulling the skin waaaaay back. Slap it hit it. Have fun! Use a stun gun on the balls.

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The other is when tied stun gun is held an eighth cbt an inch above the ball, then the voltage will jump to the ball from both prongs, more intense and better visual as you see the blue arc of the sparking, makes a popping sound too. I love when my Goddess is dishing out punishment and makes me cbt spread eagle in the doorway and kicks my balls. She will do tied repeatedly while making me stand up straight when I am doubling over.

She usually follows this up with me laying only back, legs spread while She squeezes my balls and then She turns to punch them, it will be 20 to 30 times before balls is satisfied.