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Allen - Chaos Men | BananaGuide

By the end of his first time doing full-on sex, he was getting into it, so I knew there was hope. Bishop has great sexual energy and Allen does too. They both love posh anal rim, suck cock, do just about anything!


Allen and Simon: A stellar Serviced video! Joiner surprised me by texting me out of the blue. He said he wanted to come chaosmen and do more, and I was going over an oral allen.

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He finally reminded me he had done one, and that actually he was eager to try bottoming…. Casey says his gf has a strap-on that she has been using on him, plus his experiences with dudes has mostly allen bottoming.

Despite Allen being an awesome bottom, it was time for him to take control.

Orin was not too sure about doing the Serviced video. He was actually fine until he did his Solo, but had almost nutted a couple times, chaosmen after the shoot he became concerned he might actually bust too soon. Cruz gets Edged by Allen in this one.