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Chinese toilet hidden

They looked like most park visitors, demia delia tai chi, dancing in the courtyards and stopping to take in the scent of ancient cypress and juniper trees.

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But hidden toilet their oversize shopping chinese and backpacks was a secret: Now the authorities in Beijing are fighting back, going so far as to install high-tech hidden paper dispensers equipped with facial recognition software in several restrooms. Before entering restrooms in the hidden, visitors must now stare into a computer mounted on the wall for three seconds before a machine dispenses a sheet of toilet paper, precisely two feet in length.

If visitors require more, they are out of luck. The machine will not dispense a second roll to the same person for nine minutes. We need to prevent waste.

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Qin said. Not everyone was enthusiastic. Chinese jessi palmer babysitter have worked for years to curb the excessive use of toilet paper in public facilities, in places like Qingdao, a coastal city, and Shanghai. Most public restrooms in China do not provide any toilet paper, while others provide a common roll for visitors to use.

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According to a Chinese Radio International reportthe Temple of Heaven Park has supplied toilet paper in its public toilets for the last 10 years, but found toilet supplies were quickly exhausted. A manager of the park said that most of the thieves were local residents, rather than tourists, taking advantage of the free supply for their daily use. Lei Zhenshan, marketing director for Shoulian Zhineng, the company in Tianjin that designed the device, said in an interview: On social media, some users denounced the experiment as a waste of money.