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Computer orgasm

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The electronic world around us has changed how we do just about everything. No longer is making love just two naked bodies rubbing together until fluids are spilled. The rules of the game are different.

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The playing field has been blasted wide open. The technology of sex toys has advanced a ridiculous amount in the last decade or so.

This Orgasm Machine Almost Revolutionized Sex As We Know It

Modern erotic aids like the Autoblow 2 are made with high-tech materials to simulate the real thing in ridiculous ways. This oral sex substitute offers a no-stress experience thanks to a series of motorized rollers that take the work out of your wrist.

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Social networking pervades every single aspect of our daily existence, for better or worse. FriXion is a Florida-based startup that is building an online network that allows sexual partners to link up their computer-controlled sex toys. Their goal is to develop gratis retro universal platform that works with devices from any manufacturer, using bidirectional force feedback to create as realistic a cybersex experience as possible. The app computer has no content filters, orgasm you can advertise yourself with the absolute nastiest photos you can muster.