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Crossdressing punishment

Last Monday, they led him in a procession throughout the city of Mehran, dressed in traditional Kurdish garb in an attempt to publicly humiliate him.

The unusual punishment sparked a protest which spread from the street to the parliament.

SISSY PUNISHMENT: Crossdressing, Sissification

Iran in uproar over clip showing 2 officials kissing. The Al-Arabiya network reported that this in not the first time the Mehran court has decided to use this form of punishment on convicts. The move soon caught the attention of the Feminist Kurdish Union in Iran.

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The next day more than women and men demonstrated in the city in protest of the incident. The women took to the streets in crossdressing traditional red garb and protested against the punishments they described as humiliating. Crossdressing also called to denounce "the insulting policy" towards Iran's Kurdish community in general. Men from inside, outside Iran pose for Facebook.

From sex ASBOs to crossdressing criminals: 9 bizarre punishments issued by judges you won't believe

The opposition-affiliated site International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reported of an announcement by a "human rights activist" in the city that the women demonstrating were assaulted by security forces who used pepper spray punishment bludgeons.

Some young webcam porn them sustained injuries. He also said that the man forced to punishment women's clothing was convicted for involvement in a brawl and for drawing a knife. Colorful protest makes it way to parliment.

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The site also quoted Hiwa, a protester who lives in Mehran: