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Cum on beard

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Top definition. Black Beard unknown. When you grow your pubes really long, shave them right before beard and hide them in a convenient place close to where you're having sex. You then cum on the girls face, grab your pubes and throw them on her face and shout Black Beard Bitch The woman now has a black beard of pubes stuck to her face.


Black Beard Bitch! I totally gave that girl I met at the restaurant a black beard last night. Clean big phat whooty up captain hook!

Noun; When a guy goes down on a girl that has left her tampon in for way too long and gets the tampon strong stuck in his teeth.

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He then proceeds to shake his head vigorously, in a panic, to free the tampon from his teeth, thus resulting in massive amounts of old black cum splattering on his face creating a " Black Beard ". In most cases a " black beard " can be avoided by recognizing the rotting odor coming from within.

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Remember sniff first! Rex was about to go down on sara when he remembered rule 1: Sniff First.