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Curing conjunctivitis naturally

Conjunctivitis can have several causes see belowbut many eye doctors use the naturally "pink eye" to refer only to viral conjunctivitis, a highly big natural tit milf infection caused by a variety of viruses.

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Moreover, with a few simple precautions, pink eye often can curing avoided. One type of conjunctivitis, though, can cause serious vision issues if left untreated.

See your eye doctor if you are concerned about your pink eye.

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Anyone can get pink eye, but office workers, store employees, preschoolers, schoolchildren, college students, teachers and child care workers are particularly at risk for the contagious types of pink eye because they work conjunctivitis with others. The primary types of conjunctivitisbased on cause, are:. The primary symptom of pink eye is an eye that has a pink appearance. Other symptoms of pink eye depend on the type of conjunctivitis:.

5 Natural Remedies For Pink Eye

Often it can be difficult to tell the type of conjunctivitis you have by symptoms alone. Conditions associated with conjunctivitis include dry eyes. Also, conjunctivitis conjunctivitis sometimes can lead to 1000homemovies serious eye problems potentially causing permanent vision loss. Now that you know the basics about viral pink eye and other forms of conjunctivitis, what naturally you do to protect yourself and your kids from getting pink eye?

Quick Home Remedies for Pink Eye

If your child has conjunctivitis, tell his or her teacher about the infection so extra steps can be taken to curing the classroom or day care center. Also, keep your child home until the contagious stage has passed.


Your eye doctor will let you know when you or your child can be around others without risk of spreading contagious pink eye — usually about three to five days after the diagnosis.