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Devil miss jones

I sometimes find myself the advocate of what might be called a devil theory of film criticism. That's to say I think movies miss be judged, in part, in terms of the.

The Devil and Miss Jones

A handful of movies rise above their genres: But most of the time, jones we go to the movies, we go seeking more modest rewards: A decent spy picture, for example, or a passable musical. If you can accept this system of judgment, then "The Devil in Miss Jones" is maybe a three-star dirty movie.

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It's the best hard-core porno film I've seen, and although I'm not a member of the raincoat brigade, I have seen the highly touted productions like " Deep Throat " and "It Happened in Hollywood. Miss Spevlin, who has become the Linda Lovelace of the literate, is already something of a legend.

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She's said to be a housewife from upstate New York, in her 30s, married with kids, who decided exotic brazilian girls day to go to the big city for a last tango or two. How, and why she found herself in porno movies a few days later is a little unclear; but there burns in her soul the spark of an artist, and she is not only the best, but possibly the only, actress in the hard-core field.

By that I mean when she's on the screen, her body and actions aren't the only reasons we're watching her. Alone among porno stars, she never seems exploited.