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Dorm room sex

My freshman year of college, I definitely walked in on my roommate having sex with her boyfriend.

How To Have Great Sex In College Dorm Rooms (Without Annoying Your Roommate)

Room thought they were just spooning, but nope, they were boning in the bottom bunk. And let's just say, dorm room sex is an exquisite art. Not only does living with someone strong female lift carry interrupt your sex life, but the awkward environment of a dorm room also provides a pretty big hurdle. Walking to a common bathroom so you sex pee after sex so you don't get a UTI is walk of shame-adjacent.

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Let's rename the "walk of shame" to a "victory lap," BTW. Having sex in a bunk bed or a small twin bed is not the most glamorous of places to get intimate and can be prone to disaster if you're drunk.

It's easy to fall off.

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The walls are also thin, so you can't be too loud, and there's the chance that someone will walk dorm any minute. Hanging a sock on the door just doesn't cut it. This isn't an '80s movie or something.