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Driving miss daisy crazy again

Sunny McKay plays "Daisy," a woman daisy dumped by her boyfriend who is understandably very horny. After a nice masturbation sequence chock full of over head shots of McKay squirming on the sheets, she wanders to a bizarre sex club.

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There, she watches the various shows and takes part in a few scenes herself. She's a again beauty with bouncy breasts which North has lots of fun playing with. Yujizz D. McKay gets so heated up that she takes on a man named "Louis" doggie style with nary a touch of foreplay.

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Saki lets Driving Jeremy into her backdoor, then Moana Lisa and North have a steamy encounter in a mirrored room. Miss actually humps her in midair as she bounces crazy his huge rod. The contrast of the lithe McKay and the muscular massiveness of Michaels is stunning on its own, but their union is passionate besides. Including McKay's opening solo stroker, there are eight erotic sequences.