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I check myself out in the mirror, but the girl staring back at me in an embellished bodycon dress with smoky eyes and a massive blow-dry looks like a complete stranger.

I never usually wear make up, this hd tube porn videos my face and it's definitely not an outfit I'd pick out for myself. But that's the desired effect, I don't want to be Kate tonight. I want eroyic step into somebody else's shoes.

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We polish off two glasses of cava "for good luck" as Tina puts it, but we both know that it's really Dutch courage. Our car's ready and waiting eroyic which is lucky cause we're both underdressed for the late October chill.

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There's a huge queue in front of the club but Tina tells the driver to pull up right by the entrance. As we step out of the car, an overbuilt bouncer unclips the rope to let eroyic straight through with a wink. That's a good start, despite the eroyic that he gives me the creeps. Tina orders us a couple of Jaeger bombs and eroyic with a gorgeous, Brazilian barman.

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I'm too distracted to concentrate on what they're saying. My stomach's doing acrobatics as I scan the floor looking for him. A sharp elbow jabs into my waist. He's even better looking than I remembered.

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All chiseled jaw and carefully trimmed five o'clock shadow.