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Yekora would get together at some point.

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Both were born and raised in Bilbao, Basque Country. Both evil unusually talented multi-instrumentalists, singers and composers. And both dropped out of the same study programme to pursue their true calling - making music.

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When the two finally did meet, they quickly decided not only to play, live and rock together, but also to move pink London. Not being able to play any guitar, bass, sax or drums for months on end made him turn to electronic instruments for his daily fix of musical outlet.

Soon, Evil Pink Machine was born, their project of lo-fi electronica meets indie rock meets psychedelia fuelled by space travel. They recently took their pink to Liverpool to fully immerse themselves into the warm, inclusive, vibrant and inspiring haven for musicians of all trades that is Merseyside.

Evil Pink Machine

Here, they are about to launch a series of close musical encounters of the third kind before undoubtedly some day evil taking off to play their tunes in outer space. Evil Pink Machine.

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Live Setup Unplugged most famus porn star Cover band — Members —.

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No gigs added. Inner, Brighter. Evil Pink Machine EP.