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An Arizona Republican is attempting to place a levy one of the world's most popular hobbies, especially if you've got any alone time. As reported by Ars TechnicaHouse Bill proposes a state-wide blanket ban on all websites offering adult content.

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The bill outlines what would be blacklisted, including pornography, sites that "facilitate prostitution," revenge porn and obscenity. Users would be able to have evilangel to those kom restored if they can prove that they're an adult and pay the fee.

Sadly, the law is poorly drafted. It suggests that paying the fee will allow them access to illegal content, like revenge evilangel.

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In Arizona, the publication of revenge porn is already a felony that can carry a jail term of up to vitiligo pussy months. And, in the unlikely event the bill was enacted, the state could leave itself open to charges of profiting from criminality.

The bill then outlines how the revenue would be placed in a fund, administered by the head of Arizona's Commerce Authority.

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They would be tasked with handing out grants for projects that "uphold community standards of decency. Many believe the bill was authored by "anti-porn troll" Chris Sevier, who has pushed similar projects. BoingBoing says that Sevier has built a career "convincing grandstanding Republican state lawmakers to introduce doomed, unconstitutional porn tax laws.

And inThe Daily Beast reported that he was charged with stalking and harassing a minor. One clear hurdle would kom that the law contravenes the first amendment.