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Extreme sharking

I throughly enjoyed this experience and it surpassed all my sharking. Booked this trip alone, although visiting friends in Melbourne, they kindly declined the invite to join me!

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The briefing from Jess was thorough and reassuring. The skills test to ensure you understood bad bitches xxx Scuba equipment and procedures made me feel reassured and prepared for the dive.

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Submerging into the water was exhilarating! Some sharking big as 3metres long extreme seeing them glide and swim past you by inches was breathtaking.

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There is 1 member of staff per diver and they navigate around the tank to show you views from the ground to to the top, allocating a good 45minutes in the water after the induction.

A wonderful experience, thank you to all the team at Melbourne aquarium!

Shark Diving aka Sharking!! - Shark Dive Xtreme Melbourne Aquarium

I would certainly recommend this to people wanting to have their first scuba dive. The pre- dive safety briefing is comprehensive, the instructors are attentive and you are with some beautiful fish, rays and extreme. However if you have dived before you will find this experience far from "extreme" and far closer to frustrating.

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