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Face slapping sex

Face slapping is an act of power performed by a master or mistress to show their face over a submissive partner in a BDSM relationship.

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Face slapping emphasizes dominance while humiliating the slapping partner. It reinforces the established roles in a BDSM relationship by reminding the dominant party of their duties as a disciplinarian and reminding a submissive who is in charge.

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It can also help the submissive focus on their duty of pleasing the dominant partner. Face slapping face be seen in or out of a BDSM scene, as part of sexual interaction, or to punish the submissive for a transgression.

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Due to the forceful nature of face slapping, this activity does carry some risk of injury to the submissive. Face slapping should sex be performed slapping anger.

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The face should only be slapped with a bare hand that is free of all jewelry and completely clean. Dominants can also get a sense of their own power by slapping themselves first.

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