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Foley catheter fetish

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Titillating Tubing I'm no Internet guru either, TT, but nevertheless I managed to find a catheter ton of information about your particular perversion.

All I did was type "catheter fetish" into a search engine google.


So Sebastian and Laurel started MedicalToys. And to make money, of course.


What makes catheterization sexy? Once a person is catheterized, they have no control of their urinary function. If the catheter tube is left open, one's bladder will completely drain until it is empty, and then it will continue to drain as additional urine is produced.

When a catheter tube foley clamped shut, the person fetish not be able to urinate girls sucking big dick if they want or need to.

It's a great place to start to find others and get more info. You can hurt yourself sticking tubes into your bladder, so proceed with caution.