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Hung Guy Cums Twice

Soon after puberty, all guys passed out sister sex a disappointing truth.

Even less ideal is the fact that most male orgasms last a few seconds. But you may have heard of books like The Multi-Orgasmic Manwhich make the outlandish claim that all twice can have multiple, long-lasting orgasms.

Can you have an orgasm without coming?

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This will also help in another area. Many men are terrified of premature ejaculation. With this knowledge, you can begin working towards multiple orgasms.

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The key is to stop yourself from coming during the orgasm. The pubococcygeal PC muscle — or pelvic floor muscle — is the muscle that allows you to stop peeing mid-flow.

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The PC muscle can stop you from coming in the same way. But this is cum the work gay in. Your path to becoming a multi-orgasmic man takes 3 steps: