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No offence but most, if not all Barbie movies have better girl-girl friendships and relationships than most ghetto shows and movies meant for adults.

Firstly, the birthstone for December are either turquoise or tanzanite, which no girl qualifies for. Meanwhile, both citrine and topaz can be used for November.

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This allows Edeline to have that pale-yellow-to-brown barbie, which suits her. Can we please take a moment to remember just some of! Barbie in the Nutcracke r will always be one of my favourite movies!

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I feel so nostalgic drawing this T. Hello everyone!

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Aside from Sailor Moon, Barbie was a major part of my life growing up and still is. Barbie represents more than just beauty, but the epitome of a strong, intelligent, and brave female heroine. Vine candy loving porn, Barbie was simply a character that they grew out of.

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However, I believe she relates to many individuals no matter the age, gender, and race. Barbie has now evolved to a fun and expressive role model for all ages!

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