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Girl loses her virginity

How Characters Lose Their Virginity on Teen Shows Through the Years

Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Find me a teen movieany teen movie, and I'll show you at least one character obsessed with losing their virginity. The storyline is used in just about every YA bookteen TV show, and movie, perhaps because it's so hairy selfies relatable.

Loses movies, virginity loss scenes often contain hidden messaging about what sex means, and what its repercussions for an individual are. For male characters, sex is viewed as a conquest, and the loss of virginity is accompanied by a metaphorical trophy that says: Welcome to Manhood.

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Entire movies, like American Pieare centered around boys relentlessly pursuing sex. Typically, that's not how sex is portrayed for women characters exception: Michaela Cole's Chewing Guma TV show centered around one sheltered woman's quest to lose her virginity.

If a movie shows a woman mexicoxxx her virginity, it's girl some momentous and romantic occasion, or something that comes with major repercussions, her better or for worse.

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We've been imbibing these messages our whole lives. Let's take a look back on these first sex scenes, and read what they're really saying. Related Stories.

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