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Parineeti Chopra shares bruised avatar from ‘The Girl On The Train’

A link has been sent to your friend's email address. A link has been posted to your Train feed. Please read the rules before joining the discussion. Spoiler alert! The Girl on the Trainthe much-hyped but potentially disappointing adaptation of Paula Hawkins' best-selling girl arrives in theaters this weekend, and it veers on several important points from its source material. From accents to major additional characters, we break down the five biggest things 70s orgy Tate Taylor-directed film changed from the book.

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The houses are all exactly the same a commentary on suburbia that also messes with Rachel's mental state. Rachel is never portrayed particularly sympathetically in the book, despite being one of three first-person narrators, but she never goes as far as recording herself describing how she would murder someone.

The Girl on the Train review – on the right track thanks to Emily Blunt

The pair go into the bathroom cursing Anna's name and attempt to take a selfie, but Rachel leaves the camera on as girl drunken ranting becomes harsher and more violent. She actually describes bashing a head in, all the while recording herself. And if you think, like Chekov's gunthe recording comes back, it does -- but only to make Rachel doubt her own sanity, not in any meaningful way in the police investigation.