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Girls fondling their breasts

Not all breasts their the same but irrespective of whether they are small and perky or a buxom whole, they are extremely sensitive touch because they contain a whole lot of nerve endings especially surrounding the regions around eva angelina butt areola and the nipples so an expert fondling of the breasts will contribute to a healthy sexual interaction. While you know how important it is hence to stimulate them, it is equally vital to know how to do it right and this article will tell you exactly how you should go about with it.

Expert tips on how to fondle her breasts the right way

If you want to turn her on, then play the regions around her breasts at first. Breasts her excitement increase in anticipation of your approach to those gorgeous girls. Kiss her stomach, her abdomen, gradually go up, run your fingers over her body teasingly and then kiss her passionately, still caressing her bodyespecially the regions near and around her breasts.

Use your fingers to stroke her breasts gently.

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Remember to dole out attention to both her breasts not neglecting one. Both need to be equally stimulated for maximum arousal. Press, pinch, rub, pull on and run your fingers over the nipples and the aereola, which are the most sensitive parts of fondling breasts and elicits maximum pleasure. Keep coming back to girls.