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Hairy caroline

It started with a simple idea.


It always starts out as simple. Until you actually do it. You simply have to watch it hit the floor and smash into pieces. This bit of drama brought to you by the midlife crisis my hair seems to be having. My simple idea?

hairy Caroline

Get a pixie haircut. As a side note, I mean no disrespect or chiding hairy the woman who cuts my hair. I think she did a veido xxx com excellent job, and nailed the picture I caroline her to base the cut on. So after I stared dejectedly in the mirror for a couple of minutes, I gave myself a pep talk that hair grows, and it would hairy be okay in three to six months.

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Three to six months. I needed a new plan, and a new plan is exactly what I came up with. I waited almost eight excruciating weeks for it to grow out a bit, and then I decided Caroline was going to color it all.