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San Francisco band Girls have made sure their music video won't be played on MTV hardcorexxx hot mom babes filling it with "gay porn".

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That's how they describe the "Hardcore XXX Edit" of their Lust for Life video, which features phallus-flaunting footage that is itself a toned-down version of the original idea they sent to their label. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the group's new video is not safe for work, children or anybody with a delicate disposition. Over the song's joyous shuffle, there are nude girls in bathtubs, men putting on lipstick and, er, singing into penises.

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But at the same time, it's really beautiful — about video people who love each other. We're from San Francisco, so it's not video surprise to us.

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The, er, ballsy film was a "reactionary thing", White explained, spurred by their record label's request for a "clean version". We did the whole thing as a joke, sort of, but it was done with people we know and who trusted us, and knew were going to make something that was going to be pretty. A spokesman for Matador Records said he "didn't know anything" about this alleged "Extra-Hardcore XXXX Edit" — but that there is certainly hardcorexxx whole lot more footage" of Lust for Life's amorous onscreen duo.

White also revealed Girls' touring guitarist had quit part-way through the band's European tour. While he and singer Christopher Owens remain the group's only permanent members, they are now putting together a "whole new band" with guitarist Ryan Lynch and an unnamed drummer. – Hardcore xxx video with hot.. Nora 2013 Brunette

After four days of rehearsals, "it's going really strangely", White said. Topics Pop and rock. Indie news. Reuse this content.