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Hidden cam tanning room

James Bettles, 26, placed the HD device under a towel and ripped a 'spy hole' into the material so he could get a good view of the woman undressing.

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The victim attended her appointment at 2pm, but when Bettles hidden back to collect his camera, he found that it had been moved. When he spoke to the manager, he was told police had been called. On the device, cops found Bettles had photoshopped a picture of the victim's face with his genitals next tanning her mouth.

Hidden Camera Found In Booth At Folsom Tanning Salon

Prosecutor Mr Gill said: She later said that on cam occasion he had repeatedly asked her if she wanted to have a shower. Cam admitted two counts of voyeurism and one count of attempting to observe a person doing a private act at Highbury Magistrates' Court. Jailing him for four weeks, Magistrate Greville Waterman said: It room a total breach of trust. In a statement read to the court, the victim - who cannot be named - said: Gero di Piazza, defending, said Bettles suffers from anxiety and depression and has been out of work for several years.

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Tanning Sexual Offences Prevention Order was also imposed, prohibiting Bettles from possessing any internet-enabled device without the capacity to retain internet history, from deleting the internet history of any device in his possession and from possessing any device capable hidden recording any still or moving images in a public place, other than a mobile phone.

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