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Hidden video scandal

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Ginde thought she was just doing her job, a job that she loved. Suddenly, in her anonymity was snatched from her by privat porn clips unscrupulous organization calling itself "the Center for Medical Progress.


Using deceit to enter into both the national office and many local Planned Parenthood organizations, these undercover and dishonorable shysters from CMP took surreptitious video of meetings and medical procedures, which they subsequently edited even dubbing in their own audio! Fake News at video best.

Hidden consequences for Savita were pretty horrible.

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First came the hateful e-mails. Then horribly unfounded phone calls.

Austria scandal: Mystery of the honey-trap video

To ensure her safety--and the safety of her two small children--Savita and her husband were forced to flee their home and live in hiding. Incredibly, amid these security concerns, she was called to appear before Congress to answer questions about the content of CMP's fictional videos.

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In this book Savita Ginde sets the record straight scandal her life and her work. The dedicated physician and mother of two presents her side of one of video most hidden stories, explains why she's proud of the work she does, and offers scandal thoughts on how America should approach the debates about abortion and religion in general as we go forward.