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Hollywood sex scenes

The end of erotica? How Hollywood fell out of love with sex

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Siobhan Lawless. It's unlikely your first time involved a candlelit room, scenes looks japanese kogal pics mind-blowing orgasms. In all likelihood it was more flailing limbs and a heady mix of Glow by J. Lo, perspiration and fear.

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Forget The Notebook — think more along the lines of Will from The Inbetweeners discovering pelvic floor muscles. A new study conducted by online doctor service Zava examined iconic sex scenes from 50 films, including Fifty Shades of Grey and Dirty Dancing, and gathered opinions from over 2, women.

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ST Podcast: Bad sex on screen

Twenty-seven-year-old design assistant Lotte Morrison takes exception to the sex famous sex scene between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic. That was the first sex scene I ever saw, at 9 years old — I thought every boy would be that romantic and 'take me to the stars'. But in reality, if hollywood are shagging in a car, it's probably not going to be like that. While heavily stylised scenes can be comical, the gulf between expectation and reality can make women feel inadequate, as Lotte experienced.