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In coming his coming out letter, Ed Smart, a Mormon, condemned the church for their "ridicule, shunning, rejection and outright humiliation" of LGBTQ individuals. He also discussed his strained relationship with his Mormon faith, claiming he felt he didn't feel comfortable living as an openly gay man in a church with a difficult history with respect to its LGBTQ members.

He and his wife, Lois, have filed for divorce. But I cannot do homemade any longer.

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In an interview with the Salt Lake VideoEd Smart further discussed his reasons for coming out now, as a year-old man. I did anticipate that it would happen at some time, but my intention in writing it was to try to let my friends and family know, you know my extended family So, you know, I tayi sex really concerned about how the rumor mill starts," he told the paper.

She suffered physical and sexual abuse at the couple's hands, for nine months, until she was finally rescued by police.

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During the ordeal, papers — including gay Salt Lake Archer porn videos — speculated about Ed Smart's sexual orientation based on some fabricated information sold to the paper by tabloids like the National Enquirer.

The Enquirer retracted the story, and the reporters at the Tribute were ultimately fired.